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          1. dali controller

            DMX512 Master controller is the output signal of international standard DMX512/1990. It not only can control all the LED lights that receiving the standard DMX signal in the market, but also can work with our DMX decoder to control the general LED lights without DMX512.

            WIFI-RDM Programmer
            • RDM WiFi Controller WiFi-RDM01
              Model: WiFi-RDM01
              Protocol: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n,ANSI E1.20-2010 RDM
              Input voltage: 5-24Vdc
              Output: DMX512/RDM
              Working temperature: -30℃~55℃
              Dimensions: L125×W33×H20mm
              Package size: L127×W35×H24mm
              Weight (G.W.): 110g
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